Friday, December 21, 2007

There are still kind and giving people out there

I went to pick my 11 year old up at school today it was getting late so I went to Subway to get lunch. So I ordered subs for us all to share, and my 11year old a slurpee (sp). Well when I got the check out I found out they did not take discover card the only card I have. So I had to tell the girls we would have to go somewhere else where they took my card. Well Rachel got all upset she said she was so hungry and that she did not even eat breakfast.

So I am leaving and the manager comes up to me to tell me where an atm machine is and I said that would not help me since I did not have my atm card with me. I again apologized for them making food that I could not pay for. I was almost at the door and she catches up to me to tell me that a person in the subway wanted to buy my children and myself lunch. i finally gave in. We went back I kept saying thank you. and of course the person wanted to be anonymous . So when the food was rung up there was $7.86 left I told the cashier to put it in their tip jar. She was amazed.

Then as we are eating the manager comes up again and says that the same person wanted to buy my kids each a cookie. Will it ever end.

I know I should not be ashamed but I know there are people out there that need this meal more than my kids and myself. But it just shows you how caring and unselfish people can still be. It makes you see that the Christmas spirit is still living in people.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's always amazing when a random stranger does something nice for you. Goes to show some people are still nice and aren't completely wrapped up in themselves. Have a happy holiday! said...

I love it it restores my faith in people!!!

UniquelymeNana said...

That is awesome, see there are poele out in this world who know how to bless each other. I love it when things like this happen, it shows that people do care.