Monday, December 31, 2007

WWCS Package

Lesley was my partner and what a wonderful partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry it took me so long to post my days were lost with the holiday. I did not even get on the computer to check email. I was very spoiled and want to make my socks now. The coffee is not pictured because my husband had become addicted to it and it was almost gone and he threw away the bag. But it was free trade holiday spice very tasty. The lotion she gave me is also not there already next to my bed. She made the project bag that everything is laying on. I got a ball of opal sock yarn for my first pair of socks. And an awesome travel mug I have used often good that it is a tall mug because I had to put it in the picture in use. My DH wants to know when the next coffee swap is he thought this was the best swap I have been in!!! Lesley was a wonderful partner and spoiled me so well and kept in contact. We also have little boys a month a part.


Lesley said...

Oh good! I was starting to worry, that maybe you didn't get it, or you did but you did not like it!
That coffee is pretty amazing, I've got a mugful right now!

I look forward to your participation in the Hot Cocoa Swap ;)

Heather said...

Hey Sis nice package! What a great partner you had in lesley. Is her little boy older than yours or near Kennedy?