Monday, August 27, 2007

3-2-1 Contact Fall Felted Bag Contest

And now, for our first contest! On YOUR blog, answer the following questions - that simple!

1. What is your favorite yarn for felting, and why?I use Galway, it feels nice when you knit with it and it felts so nicely.

2. Name one person in the swap who is not from the U.S. and tell us where they are from, and link to their blog. , Nicola S. ,Cheshire United Kingdom

3. Find one person in the swap who has a dog, and let us know the name of their dog(s) and link to their blog. strings and purls dogs names Jayda and Flex,

4. Find one person in the swap who has a child or grandchild and link to their blog. , Allison is a mother of three lives in California

5. And finally, tell us if you like October or November more, and why! (Yea, I know part of September and November are technically fall, but for this question, only October and November matter!)I love November more because my birthday is October 11th. Also because the weather is just so nice and thecolors I love the fall colors. You can just wear a nice sweater or sweatshirt and be fine.

1 comment:

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

First off I want to say I love your blog!

I'll say that I love October too, as that is my birthday month. Mine is 10-13. (not telling what year, lol)