Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Still working on My Blog

I now am reading the the tote exchanges are requiring blogs. So I have started my own, sometimes it is hard to tell everyone about your self it almost feels like you are bragging, but i guess nobody else is going to do it. i just read about a felted bag exchange2 that sounds like a lot of fun. i hope I will be able to do it, I need to remember to sign up before I go on vacation.

I can not believe that my first baby girl Rachel is starting Kindergarten on the 27Th of this month; Where did five years go, and my stepson is going into 6Th grade!!!!!!

My sister and her baby Kennedy are doing great that is awesome!!!!!!! I can not wait to meet her she has also not yet met my little bundle of joy William. They 42 days apart. They are going to have so much fun together. Our daughters are only six months apart. This is so cool!!!!!!!!! When I get a picture of Kennedy will post it. I will post a picture of cutie Katie she is so cool and spunky. Her and my second daughter are a lot alike. Elizabeth has of stubbornness like her father but he won't admit it; I guess I am a little stubborn also.

I have been married almost 6 YEARS. life with Ron my DH is wonderful. we have such an awesome time together. We laugh a lot together and have so much fun. I think that is what makes a marriage stay wonderful.

Well I will write more later .


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