Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Felted Bag Contest Question

How often do you change the purse or bag you're carrying?

When the spirit moves me. I would change it more but my and buy more bags, but my husband thinks I have enough. You can never have too many bags or shoes because they always fit.

Do you change based on seasons? Outfits? Something else?

Yes I do change it with the season. I have winter bags and summer bags. I wish I had time to change it with outfits.

What's your favorite bag in the world (and it doesn't have to be a knit/felted one!)?

I love all my bags I do not have a favorite one. But on a side note I have given my girls the addiction to bags and shoes. They Love them!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

I'm always most attracted to the purse section in department stores. It's so easy to imagine the outfits that go with them, and then the life that goes with that outfit. I love my life, but sometimes, it's nice to imagine one that doesn't involve diapers.