Tuesday, October 16, 2007

FFBE Next Question

What was your favorite Halloween costume ever - for you? for your kids, if you have them? Why did you enjoy it so much? Do you still dress up now? Chat a bit about your traditions for dressing up on All Hallow's Eve!

I have a wonderful mother in law she makes all my childerns costumes. The two girls are always Princesses. My mother in law makes them like they are going to be in a wedding as a flower girl, they are just gergeous. My stepson was askateboarding monkey i lved this costume also, he looked so awesome, She also made him a dinosaur costume when he was five that was sooo cute the tail went on forever, but he did not complain about walking around I think because he was getting candy.

But the one that take the cake is my youngest daughter Elizabeths coustme this year she ia a mermaid, my mother in law out did her self.

I do not still dress up takes to much time to get three kids ready, and an infant. My last costume was a mummy for a party before kids.

I just love the fun my kids have getting all dressed up. They get a kick out of it and they get new playclothes for the next year.

Our tradition is we stop at my mother in laws and she takes pictures and the kids get some candy. Then we go to my mothers house she has so many houses around her and we take the kids out. Then when we get back the kids sort the candy and trade for thier favorite ones.

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