Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Winter Coffee Swap Questionaire


What are your favorite kinds of coffee? (Brands, Roasts, anything at all you'd like to share!)I love starbucks coffee,also I like hazelnut and chocolate.

Do you prefer whole bean or ground coffee? ground coffee

This time of year, there are often Holiday Blends available, and many flavored coffees - do you drink flavored coffee? Do you enjoy special blends?I like to try any new types of coffee

How do you take your coffee? Cream and Sugar? Straight up? Decaf? i like flavored creamer dry or liquid

Do you prefer drinking from a nice thick mug, or a matched cup and saucer? I love cool mugs, I have little kids and cup and saucers pretty but to breakable.

Winter and Holidays - PLEASE be descriptive! Your pal will need this information to be sure to put together a package you will enjoy!

What is your favorite part of Winter? I love the snow and my family loves sking. I also love the christmas season. Getting together with family and friends.

Do you celebrate a holiday in December, and if so, which holiday? I celebrate Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas, do you put up a tree? yes

Would you enjoy items related to the holiday, or would you prefer a Winter themed package? I would love a winter or holiday themed package I loved being surprised.

Do you collect anything? Are there any holiday or winter-themed items (Snowmen, Angels, Snoflakes, Santas, etc) that you collect? I love snowman and snowflakes and santa

Do you wear scarves? Mittens? Hats? scarfs and mittens

What is your favorite holiday or winter treat? I have so many. I love making cookies with my kids and my Mom. Homemade butter cookies have to be the best ever treat. We love them in our family. I love chocolate but on weight watchers so can't eat to much of that. I love salty treats also.

Please share a favorite Winter or Holiday memory. seeing my children's faces on Christmas morning. Also all my childhood holiday times, my parents did not have lot of money but they always made Christmas awesome. My father is no longer with us but he gave all of us a love fro the holidays he started playing Christmas music right after Halloween. I miss all his Christmas music and him singing along. My mother also adores Christmas and still makes it awesome for her kids and her grandkids.

Yarn and Crafting

Do you Knit or Crochet? For how long? knit for 6 years or more on and off. Just recently I found it keeps me sane to do something for my self and use my mind.

Do you like wooden, metal, or plastic needles\hooks? Circular or straight? circular metal and wooden

What sort of projects do you enjoy making? felted bags, scarfs, I would love to try socks and lace work.

What are your favorite types of yarn to work with? I really do not have a favorite yet

Do you spin or dye?no, I would love to find a class and learn how to do both.

Do you do other crafts such as scrapbooking or needlepoint or anything else? I have been tiring needlepoint on felted bags. i did scrapbooking but I have not a place to do it now hat I have four kids because they take over our small home.


When is your birthday? 10-11

Do you have any children? (Furry kind count!) I have 4 kids 11 year old son,5 year old daughter, 2year old daughter, 4 month old son

What are your favorite colors? I love red, green, deep purple, I really like any color. but I do not like neon colors.

Do you have any allergies? evergreen trees and seasonal

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