Friday, January 18, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap Question

Now that we're in the thick of 'Winter'... has your knitting changed to match the season? Are you moving on from dishcloths, and tank tops to afghans, hats and mittens? Has your yarn changed from silk or cotton to wool, superwash or heavier cottons?

I really just knit what looks nice to me. I guess I should be making things for the summer and in the summer begin my fall and winter items. Right now I am tiring to knit socks (still tiring to get the hang of it).

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Dorothy said...

It does make sense to make fall and winter items in the summer, but can you imagine sitting outside with heavy wool? (Although, inside with A.C. it's not too bad!)

I'm like you though - I pretty much knit what I feel like knitting!